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Whole Heart Collection

10% sales to British Heart Foundation

A stunning collection of heart inspired jewellery to share a bit a love <3. Heart shapes are naturally pleasing to the eye and naturally carry the message of love. Whether its a dainty pair of earrings of or a chunky statement pendent - they all represent warmth and life.

Our signature heart 'Twin Rings' are designed to be worn by two people who a share a great love for one another - be it a mother and child, a husband and wife, or bestest friends - the wearer of the rings will be constantly reminded that they share a piece of their heart with a very special person.

We wanted to share the love even further so 10% of all sale profits from our Whole Heart collection are donated to the British Heart Foundation; a charity close to Louise's heart (no pun intended). To find out why we support this charity, check out >Our Story<.

If you've not seen a heart that has grabbed your eye, pop over to our custom jewellery pages where you can design your own unique piece of jewellery, guaranteeing you'll get just what you're looking for. >custom jewellery<

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