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Childrens' Drawings Into Jewellery

How much will it cost

Drawings into jewellery starts from £35 but as we know each child's drawing is as unique as the little artist them self, we have to quote each item on a case by case basis. We don't limit the options available to our customers so what you require will also determine the price point. You may want a small silver charm or a chunky 18ct gold and diamond pendant; you're in control of the end result and how much you'd like to spend. Check out some of our past pieces below and please request a quote buy contacting us to discuss your exact requirements.


Capturing a child's drawing in the form of precious metal jewellery will enable you to treasure their artistic flare for a lifetime. 

Why use Into Jewellery

What sets us apart from other 'drawing into jewellery' companies is the fact we can create replicas of the drawings in a choice of styles, capturing the masterpiece in all of its beauty. Other companies often just use etching, engraving or stamping techniques whereas our jeweller can hand make every detail using a combination of techniques and skills, giving you the best end result.

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