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Our Story

Hello! I'm Louise Banks ~ the Manufacturing and Repairing Jeweller at Into Jewellery. For as long as I remember, I enjoyed watching my father, Martin Banks, creating the most stunning pieces of jewellery at his workbench in Exeter. I still remember the first piece he helped me create (at about age 7) and this where my love of jewellery making first began.


At the age of 16 my father and other highly qualified jewellers taught me the art of jewellery making & repairs using traditional techniques and specialist tools. I was taught very early on that if your work isn't perfect, you start all over again (thankfully my father spared me the trauma of having my imperfect creations smashed up with a hammer - something he had to go through as an apprentice - and something always at the forefront of my mind when I'm making or repairing a piece of jewellery to this day!). 


After my long apprenticeship, my role within the family business (Martin Banks Jewellery) was to repair and size jewellery for well-known retail shops such as H. Samuel, Ernest Jones and Michael Spires Jewellers, as well as create jewellery for private customers.  At the end of 2016 I decided to open my own jewellery business when I noticed a gap in the UK market for handcrafted jewellery, excusively designed by the customers themselves; Into Jewellery was born!


At Into Jewellery we concentrate on the hand-making side of the jewellery industry, with a particular interest in creating incredibly unique and one off pieces made to customers' unique designs and specifications. As well as custom-made commissions we also supply a vast combination of jewellery services not often catered for in one place, such as repairs, re-sizings and cleaning and polishing.


Our precious metal children's drawings and handwriting pieces are unique in their style. Giving 'grown-ups' the opportunity of designing their own jewellery is also something beautifully unique - seeing my customers' own designs come to life is a real pleasure. It gives me such varied pieces to work on each day which is what I've always enjoyed most about being a jeweller.

If you're still reading this; thank you! Here's 10% off your first order for taking an interest in our story - just quote "10FORYOU" when you make your initial enquiry. But shhhh... Don't tell anyone - let them find this themselves!

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