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Silver Linings Seller Bio

Thank you for agreeing to sell your products in Silver Linings! I hope it will be a very successful stockist for you.


When I first had the idea of opening a gift shop in Silverton, I pictured shelves of wonderful products displayed together with the picture and bio of the person behind them. I wanted shoppers to see who they would be supporting with their purchase; to make that emotional connection that is so often lost when we part with our money. I would like there to be a face behind every product in Silver Linings so shoppers can knowingly support local artists, makers, producers and small businesses in their community.

The frames are small so you don't need to write too much but if you're happy for me to do so, I will also take snippets of information from your answers to form social media posts when I promote your products on sale at Silver Linings. 

As you would like to sell your items at Silver Linings, I would  really appreciate you completing this form so I can put together your seller bio to be displayed with your products. I would also like you to kindly email a photo of yourself (or your logo) to I will put together your 'Meet the Maker/Supplier/Producer' frame and send for approval before it's displayed. Thank you so much!

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