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Silver Linings
Jewellery ~ Gifts ~ Craft

You’ve been sent to this page as you might have expressed an interest in stocking items in the new gift shop-come-gallery in Silverton. Part of the space will a manufacturing and repairing workshop for my business ‘Into Jewellery’. I don’t want to keep the rest of this lovely space to myself and know there is an abundance of skilled craftspeople and small businesses in the local area.  I’d like the shop to a place where local makers, producers and small businesses can rent small spaces to display and sell their items.

The space I have available is split into three categories based on product prices;

  • Tier One, Shelving – for items retailing up to £9.99 each

  • Tier Two, Locked Cabinet (for jewellery), or shelves– for items retailing between £10-£49.99 each 

  • Tier Three,  Locked Cabinet – for items retailing at more than £50 each

I have split the space into these categories so the items available in the shop will suit a wider range of budgets and customers. I would like the shop to appeal to as many people as possible; those who would like to spend £5 as well as those looking for something extra special.

Shelves will start from £1 per week and locked cabinets start at £2 per week. There will be 25% commission on most sales. There will be no weekly fee for items in the greeting card stand; just a small commission. I also have a small area of floor space that can be rented for larger items such as small pieces of upcycled furniture and in the coming weeks I plan to add some shelves on the wall specifically for artwork/photography.

The space I have is limited and priority will be given to local makers and businesses (Silverton and surrounding areas) as this will be the theme at the heart of the shop. Before we can consider stocking your products, please ensure you and your products abide by any applicable UK regulations, i.e. handmade toys to be CE tested and candles to have accurate Safety Data Sheets. You should also consider having product liability insurance, if applicable, as this area will remain your responsibility. I will go into more detail in a consignment agreement should you like to go ahead with displaying your items.

Due to the current pandemic, I will be opening the shop to the public on or soon after June 22nd 2020. In theory I am allowed to open on 15th June, but I shall use this extra week or so for meeting potential crafters/producers and stocking the shelves ready for opening day! 

To get the ball rolling, please kindly complete the following form so I can gather some further information about you and your business/craft. I will follow up with an email or call inviting you to the Silver Linings (one person at a time) if your items meet the criteria for the shop. Thank you for your interest, I look forward to hearing from you ~ Louise Banks

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